Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CTR-b Class Blamed For Missing Casserole

You parents can call them little angels, but we in the bishopric know different. Sister Thompson had prepared a special casserole for Mardel Gibbs since he just had a second stroke. She came by the church on Sunday to pick up sister Lori Green so the two of them could deliver the casserole together. As she was coming in to the church to get sister Green, the CTR-b class opened her van and took the casserole from the front seat and hid it in the bushes. No one could find it for three days. The only good that I can see from this story is that Mardel's stroke has made it very difficult for him to eat anything other than liquids and chunk-free paste, so he probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy the casserole anyway. But still.

We rate your testimonies

Just so that you, we, as a bishopric, rate each and every one of the testimonies given on fast and testimony Sunday. We use a five star rating. These are mostly kept to ourselves. I will tell you that Reed Thomas usually gets 4 or 5 stars. But not this week. We also award a testimony of the month award. You won't know who it is, though. It's just for our own amusement.

The Stake President Throws Like A Girl

Just because President Martin throws like a girl is no reason that we shouldn't respect him any more than you respect me. Please realize, I played baseball in high school and still stay quite physically active. But those are not the kinds of things on which to base your respect for our stake president. He is a good man. He plays the violin quite well, and has a number of different scriptures memorized--some of them are in the Bible. Let us all respect President Martin, the Stake President that throws like a girl.