Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thank goodnes I misread that sign.

On the way to Springville, there is a billboard advertising one of those seasonal haunted houses or scary corn mazes or something. It's called "The Dreaded Grove". It's a little hard to read and I thought it said, "The Dreaded Grope". Of course my first thought was that a place called The Dreaded Grope was chilling, indeed. Then I wondered if any of our priesthood brethren would be working there because if so, there was certainly going to be a need for some interviews. Thank goodness I misread that sign.

Wow. Now that was a general conference

Are you like me? Did you feel like that was one of the third or fourth best general conference sessions we've ever had in the last 5 years? All that talk about faith and prayer. And did you hear that choir? My goodness, it was as if they were singing with one voice.

Now I don't know about you, but I could have used a couple more talks about the evils of pornography. That just can't be talked about enough. It's evil and it's everywhere. You can't even go to a hotel room anymore and turn on some of the in-room entertainment without having it rammed down your throat.

And there were so many non-white speakers this time. I really liked that. It gave me the opportunity to point out to my children what they look like. We're hoping to meet some non-whites in real life some day.

I appologize for not keeping up with the blog, as of late. There are so many of you in the ward that have personal problems, issues with your spouse, your kids, stealing stuff from work, addictions to on-line gaming, sexual perversions, health issues, mental instability, gayness, treason, and others, that I haven't been able to spend as much time with the blog as I would like. My son Nathan joked about whether or not I still live at home. Ha ha ha, Nathan. I sure do, and I'm coming to see if your room is clean.