Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think I did a bad thing

You know how you are supposed to liken the scriptures unto yourself? Well, I likened them unto my brother and I got such a different read on things that for twenty minutes last night, I felt it was ok to hit my kids. This just doesn't seem right.

Nothing I say will help him

Brother Charlie Tibble, the ward gay, wants to know why we don't do road shows any more. I don't know how to answer him without offending him. I will pray about it.

Get to know your ward members

This week’s profile, Dr. Gordon Hilger.

Dr. Hilger has been a member of our ward for 43 years. He was the second bishop when the ward began. He’s held many other callings in the ward (Sunday School President, Elders Quorum President, High Priest Group leader, Assistant to the canning specialist, new member practical joke committee, Greeter, Meeter, Ward Mission Leader, Ward Golf Instructor, Ward Hip Replacement specialist, wheat germ activist) and many others. In addition to his tremendous service to the church, he is also active in the medical community in which he works and has written a number of medical best sellers, including “When urine turns frothy; A guide to your body’s health” and “A polyp, a cyst, and a nodule walk into a bar; and other hilarious medical jokes”. He has seven children. Five of them he cares about. Three of them have gone on missions. Six of them wear a size 44 pants. One of them stole my son’s bike. Four of them have defiled the “Y” on the mountain. And all of them are children of our Heavenly Father. It’s a blessing to have Dr. Gordon Hilger in our ward.