Friday, March 23, 2007

Loud laughter addiction night cancelled

Brother Dalton was planning on leading a discussion group this Wednesday on how to avoid loud laughter to those in our ward that seem to have an addiction to it. However, it has been cancelled because he will be in the hospital for the next two weeks. His wife has informed me that he slipped on a squeaky toy that his son left at the top of the stairs and he landed at the bottom with a broken hip and a broken arm. His wife thought it was hilarious, but I see nothing funny about it. I also don't see anything funny about cataracts, scurvy, the gout or restless leg disorder which is also sometimes referred to as Jimmy Legs, The Orchestra, spare legs, "the kicks" or sewing machine foot. And I don't remember if I mentioned this in Sacrament Meeting last week or not, but Brother Mendleson has restless leg disorder and we should remember him in our prayers.


Sister Taylor said...

I need to make an appointment with you, Bishop, to repent of my loud laughter. When I saw Brother Mendleson trying to balance his paper plate of lil smokies and cherry tomatoes--all prone to rolling about with the slightest disturbance, if you recall--on his knee at the last ward picnic, I had to make up a lie about choking on Sister Randolph's potato salad to explain my tears.

I guess that's two things I need to repent of now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop,

I find the picture of the hip joint that you have posted to be fairly arrousing. There's something about that ball and socket that is really getting me excited. Do you have time in your schedule for me to come over and repent - how does a week from next thursday sound?

Brother Burton

Anonymous said...

Please keep posting, I'm loving your spiritual wisdom!

Also, I voted for a democrat last election, so I also need to schedule an appointment with you so that I can repent.

Bro. Smith