Thursday, June 07, 2007

Trip to Costco can now count as Family Home Evening

Without asking stake president Martin if this is agreeable, I have just decided to make the decision myself. Which is, a trip to Costco can now count as Family Home Evening. Isn't this wonderful! There are, however, guidelines.

All members of your family must be present. If any of you lack a family member, this does not count as family home evening, but rather, a good old trip to the store without any spiritual benefits. Also, you must still have a song and a prayer. One of these can be done in the car, but not both. You can choose which one is most appropriate to do in the car. (We love singing "This land is your land").

With the world the way it is right now, we must find a way to get everything done that is necessary, and still find time to follow the prophet. I don't know about you, but I am delighted that I can pick up a large brick of cheese at the same time I'm picking up some heavenly blessings.


CV Rick said...

Finally, a bishop I'd like to interview for a temple recommend with.

malkie said...

Hey Daddy,

Sorry to be a day late, but I wanted to say HAPPY FATHERS' DAY to the daddy of the ward.

You're the best daddy we've ever had.

Lots of love and hugs,


Anonymous said...


I recently heard of a so called multi-level marketing plan that has originated out of Provo involving resale of Costco items.

I strongly feel that this could be an inspired program to help me obtain that which is sufficient for my needs, like a 24 karat gold diamond encrusted CTR ring.

This must be an inspired program because it orginates out of Provo and nothing inappropriate has ever come out of Provo. Also, it coincides with your recent FHE announcement, promotes food storage, each meeting starts with a prayer and spiritual thought, applies the same techniques as missionary work, and symbolically teaches about eternal progression (it only takes 3 levels to get to the top, get it?)

I am pondering and praying about quiting my job so I can do this "full time" from home and thus follow the prophet, but I don't want to do so until I heard your counsel as a second witness.


Sister Kirkham

BTW - Would you and your wife accept a dinner invitation this Thursday night? I something very exciting to share with you both. Also, could you bring me a copy of the ward directory? Lastly, can I get a new order form for the Bishop's storehouse?

Girl next door said...

I wish you would reconsider the guidlines here. What with Scout camp, girls camp, cub scout day camp, the Pioneer Reactment Trek,
the priest superactivity, the Relief Society retreat ward canning assignments, and various hometeaching and visiting teaching appoitments it is impossible for my family to ever be in the same place at the same time. Would it be possible for me just to take a family photo with me to the the Costco? That way I can get our two lb box of taquitoes, have family home evening and my family can still attend all these many, many meaningful and uplifting activities.

Bishop Higgins said...

Sister Kirkham,
Uh...are you the bishop? Let me check the ward the directory. Or better yet, I'll just ask myself, the bishop, if you are the bishop.
Here goes. "Bishop Higgins, is Sister Kirkham the Bishop?" "Of course not. Don't be foolish". Ok then.

Now that we have that straightened out, let me just tell you that as bishop, I'll be doing the inspired programs around here. Not you.

BTW - My wife and I would love to join you for dinner. Shall my wife bring a casserole?

Bishop Higgins said...

Dear Girl Next Door,
I'm not sure about your idea, but what I DO know is that I love your shopping list. Taquitoes are delicious. At my house, we call them "Lamanite Lolli-pops"

meagan said...

Lamanite lollipops! I gotta get me some of them!