Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thank goodnes I misread that sign.

On the way to Springville, there is a billboard advertising one of those seasonal haunted houses or scary corn mazes or something. It's called "The Dreaded Grove". It's a little hard to read and I thought it said, "The Dreaded Grope". Of course my first thought was that a place called The Dreaded Grope was chilling, indeed. Then I wondered if any of our priesthood brethren would be working there because if so, there was certainly going to be a need for some interviews. Thank goodness I misread that sign.


Dave said...


Sorry to hear you misread our sign for The Dreaded Grove, but glad that it was straightened out in the end. I'm sure as a Bishop you never want to see events advertised that will increase your time in the office.

jess said...

when can i expect the next post? it's been far too long and i don't know what's going on in the ward.

maybe i should come to church every once in a while?