Friday, November 30, 2007

"One Arm Club" means more than just fewer arms

Many of you have been confused by the newest bishop-approved club in our ward, called the "One Arm" club started by Dusty Capple. The club is for anyone that feels different due to a lost limb, an unusually large nose, blindness, or any other physical problem that makes you feel, at least occasionally, inadequate. The "One Arm Club" is a support group for you. The name is misleading because to some, it suggests that you have to have only one arm to be in the club. Not so. That's just a catchy name we came up with. Missing fingers, one leg shorter than the other, teeth that are too big for your small mouth, blotchy're all welcome to come. Even you, brother Fardly. Hop-on over to the church on Thursdays for a lot of fun, and support from others that face similar challenges!

Challenges! Aren't they great!


Susie Q said...

I thought it implied what you could with one arm, or was a reference to the "other one" know? Thank you so much for the clarification. That could have been really embarassing!

Brother hornswaggler said...

Uh oh, I thought it was a club to practice using slot machines. I'm gonna need an appointment Bishop.

Suep said...

I thought for sure the club was some macabre reference to Ammon and King Lamoni and cutting off arms. PHEW. What a relief!