Sunday, February 08, 2009

Get To Know Your Ward Members

When Simon Sieman Jr. was a senior in high school, he always wore a cape. When Simon Sieman Sr. was a junior in high school he was an avid bug collector. Well, they've both just moved in the ward and they are still just as weird. But that's no reason for us to deny them a hand of fellowship. We'll just want to make sure and wash that hand, quickly afterwards. Any suggestions on what callings they should have?


Michael Carpenter said...

"Any suggestions on what callings they should have?"

Well, not greeter, obviously. (Unless you have some sanitary wipes at the chapel door.)

JulieAnn said...

Nursery duty. Kids love bugs. And capes.

Oh and I spread the good word aboutcha.

Hope you don't mind.


shel7by said...

Now while I no longer claim to get revelation for the whole ward or even the Petersen family who didn't move away like I told them they should (sorry about that. Thanks for your council, Bishop, gosh knows it's hard to discern sometimes), I would have to say Weirdy Jr. and Senior would be best in Homeland Security or over Mr. Wiggle's litter box. Brother Bishopwannabe can say what he wants, what you've done with the ward dog is nothing short of a miracle.

K.B. said...

How about ward fertility specialist? Come on, with a name like Seiman, what else are you going to give them?