Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Callings This Week

Ward Fireman - Cal Nesbit
Ward Steward - Stewart Ward
Ward Costume Designer - Ben Noland
Ward Ear Nose and Throat Specialist - Mel Selcho
Ward Scape Goat - Trevor Kennard


shel7by said...

I just knew it was Trevor. Errr.

Shellie said...

um I know Mel Selcho in real life and she lives in Georgia at this very moment! I didn't know you guys did ward callings cross country ;)

Randy B. said...

Turns out that there's nothing Mel likes more than inspecting other people's ears. You are so in tune with the Spirit!!!

Mel said...

Not questioning your discernment here, bishop, but I hope you got the nod of approval from the patriarch of our home for this.