Friday, September 08, 2006

You must supply your own oxen

As you may know, brothers and sisters, the third ward commemorative pioneer handcart trek will be taking place this weekend. Myself and sister Metcalfe from the activities committee have made some assignments. Some of you have been asked to provide a handcart and some of you have been asked to provide a wagon pulled by an ox.

We've been getting quite a few of you that think the ward ought to supply you with the oxen. No no no. The church didn't hand out oxen to the saints before they crossed the plains and we will not be handing out oxen this time either. Part of what you will learn, brothers and sisters, is that crossing the plains is hard, whether or not that means finding an oxen or burying your own child in frozen ground.

On this matter, I will not budge.

Also, some of you have been assigned a salad or a dessert for the picnic afterwards.

Bishop Higgins

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