Friday, September 08, 2006

Jesus never gave anyone a toaster oven.

I'll never understand why some of you continue to believe anything that brother Siepert tells you after all the times we have exposed his web of lies.

Let me make this very clear--We are not giving away toaster ovens to members of our ward that decide to start attending after being absent for six months or more. We will welcome them back to the fold. We will help them fix their toaster if they have one that needs fixed, but we are not offering prizes and awards in an effort to lure members back to church. The "prize" they will receive, will be the "prize" of spiritual blessings. And those kinds of blessings will sell for a much higher price on the heavenly E-bay than any toaster oven ever could. Even if it was an expensive toaster oven with an automatic shut-off and self cleaning feature.

Brother Siepert tells lies. You must use the spirit of discernment when you speak to him. We love him, as we do all members of our ward family, but he speaks with a forked tongue.

Bishop Gerald Higgins

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