Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finally - The casserole committee has been formed.

Sister Wainscough has been called as president of the casserole committee. As you know, this is one ward that takes their casseroles seriously. New baby? The mother gets a casserole. Broken leg? The injured gets a casserole. Death in the family? Casseroles all around. In fact for years, many of the sisters in the ward were members of the highly elite group of casserole bakers called "Casserollers". Only 50 people in the United States were members.

However, lately, some have felt the quality of casserole being baked and delivered to members of the ward have faltered. This was made clear last month when Sister Odin was assigned to take Sister Blazer a casserole. As it has been reported to me, all Sister Odin did was fold a pizza in half, stick it in a bowl, and call that a casserole. It's not. And it disrespects all the other ladies in the ward for whom casserole baking is an art.

And so the casserole committee has been formed. What this means, is that if a casserole is to be delivered to any member of the ward, you must first submit portions of that casserole to Sister Wainscough or any member of her committee. It is recommended that a second casserole be made and submitted so that the casserole to be delivered can still remain as one that has not been tasted.

This committee will solve all our casserole problems, I am sure of it.


Anonymous said...

I just revieved a phone call from Bro Siepert who told me that you refused to appoitment me to the casserole committe because of the scandle that occured at the last ward potluck. I assure you Bishop that I would never put something like that in any of my casseroles!
I consided that sacred and special. Yes, I have on occasion used processed cheese food, but only when the recipe called for it and only when that recipe was given to me by a trusted and dear friend.
Sister Navell Cope.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bishop,

In keeping with the desire to only have the highest quality casseroles provided by our ward, I suggest that the use of tuna not be allowed in any casserole submitted to the committee for distribution.

Thank you,

Bro. LaVand Guntherson