Monday, May 09, 2011

This weeks's primary birthday

Our birthday boy or girl this week:

  • Loves Ballet
  • Enjoys taking the family dog, Digler, on walks
  • Has on leg shorter than the other
  • Has been to Hawaii twice
  • Has never made his/her own bed without being asked
  • Thinks farting is funny (it's not, though)
  • Has memorized 14 scriptures from the Book of Mormon
  • Is related to Boyd K. Packer
  • Loves to play Angry Birds (duh, who doesn't)
  • Wet his/her pants twice last month at school
  • Is looking forward to growing a garden with the family this year.

Can you guess who it is?

If you guessed Arnie Vecks, you are so wrong. But if you guessed Sharley Taylor, you're right! Happy Birthday, Sharley.


Spencer said...

Digler is such a cute name for a dog! Where does the name from, if I may ask?

Bishop Higgins said...

I don't really know. But it isn't because he's a good digger. That dog is one of the laziest dogs I know.