Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 10 favorite things about 2008

10 - Went boating 36 times with my family. There will be boating in heaven.
09 - Kept my weight at under 200 pounds (righteous eating habits)
08 - Learned how to boondoggle.
07 - Helped my son Kyle with his Pinewood Derby (Wining isn't everything Kyle. But having a good relationship with your father, is.
06 - Helped my son Nathan eradicate the word "retard" from his vocabulary and helped him see that something "hilarious" isn't a justification for saying it.
05 - Invented a new kind of nog. Ham nog. It's delicious.
04 - Inspired so many people in the ward to choose the right.
03 - Quarreled less.
02 - Avoided evil speaking of the Lord's anointed, and also avoided looking down the shirt of Sister Laub even though I believe she bent over like that on purpose. Now, sister Laub. What are we going to do with those--I mean, you. What are we going to do with you?
01 - Strengthened the youth.

Happy New Year, brothers and sisters. And may all your prayers be granted and half of your wishes.


John S. Shumway said...

can you post the recipe for ham nog?

cropstar said...

You definitely inspired me to choose the right. Thank you Bishop.

Bishop Higgins said...

The ham nog is a secret recipe and I shall never reveal it. I will tell you, however, that when jiggled, can also be turned into a casserole.

maybemaybenot said...

What good are casseroles now that you've forbidden our favorite past time with them - casserole wrestling? Not that I'm still bitter. Really. I'm not.

LaDawn said...

Are you sure you wont share the ham nog recipe?
It sounds like the perfect thing to drink with the corn dog Jell-O that I made for our New Year's party.