Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well that would have made things easier

I was just thinking that if the pioneers would have had access to some jackets with Gore-tex when they crossed the plains, that would have really made things easier. Without it, though, you can really see why they got as cold as they did. I'll bet if they did have Gore-tex, there would have been more of the following conversations:

Man 1: Looks like a storm's a brew'n
Man 2: Storm, schmorm.
Man 1: Huh? What are you talking about. We're bound to get cold and wet. Oh right. Gore-tex. I forgot.
Man2: By the way, why is your shoulder all torn up?
Man 1: I just put my shoulder to the wheel.


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure where to leave this comment but, this blog I feel is very disturbing knowing that it is a Bishop that is behind it. For one, the pictures that you post are inapporpriate! If you truely are an LDS Bishop why are you looking at these pictures, let alone posting them!! I don't think that Jesus would teach about sins with such pictures. I am truely sad to think a Bishop of an LDS ward is capable of thinking he is cool by doing this. Nothing is uplifting on this blog that I can tell. I wouldn't look at this blog if the Savior stood beside me! Would you blog this if the Savior stood by you?

Bishop Higgins said...

Nothing is uplifting? Excuse me. Have you seen this picture of a kitten?

I would like to answer your question ""if the Savior stood beside me would I blog this..." And the answer is, of course not. Can you imagine anyone blogging while the Savior stood beside them? How rude.

Wife: Honey, the Savior is here.
Husband: Be there in just a minute. I'm just shooting off some emails and a blog post.

Just Me said...

Bishop, your anonymous commenters take you WAY too seriously. Don't they know that you are inspired?

Bishop Higgins said...

Thank you, Just Me. I appreciate your truthyness.

Anonymous said...

In all that you do and say you should be thinking of the Savior beside you always!!!!!
If this were a personal blog I could see the joking but where you are a bishop you are held to higher standards. I wouldn't want my child to see a bishop of all people post the pictures that you have!!!
This seems to be a battle that will never resolve it's self. If anything remember who you are as a BISHOP!! Would your Stake President approve of this BLOG?

Goofy McWanker said...

For goodness sakes, Anonymous. By the way, is that Greek? Sounds kinda pretty. Anyhoo, I look to this blog daily for hope and guidance and I'll be darned silly if you're gonna criticize a man that takes precious time from his familial and, bishoply responsibilities for our enlightenment. Carry on, Bishop.

Stake President said...

I approve of this blog.