Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Ward Callings

Ward Doubter - Susy Balaz
Ward Bee-keeper - Bea Voight
Ward Book-keeper - Roger McBinder
Ward Massage Therapist specifically for our ward humpbacks - Dorothy Callup
Ward Blister Popper - Vic Gourlen


Michael Carpenter said...

I was really hoping I could be the ward doubter. I guess I'll have to keep hoping for ward pessimist.

Molly Mormon said...

Who is the ward humpback again?

claire said...

I think humpback should have been on the list of naughty-sounding words.

Millie said...

Bro. Gourlen isn't getting anywhere near MY blisters.

Anonymous said...

Bishop, quick question, do we currently have a Gossip Essentials instructor in the ward? A key calling in any ward.