Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Well, now who will milk the cows?

What the youth of the ward don't seem to understand is that we got those milk cows just for them. Remember how we all said that if we got some cows we could teach the youth the value of hard work, then the McCallister boys would quit back-talking in Sunday school and that the Nebeker girl might see the value in showering more often? That's what we all discussed and our plan was a good one. And now those bloated cows are getting sick and those darn youth, with their texting and their fashionable slacks say they don't have time to milk cows. They say milking cows is old fashion and that it isn't fun and that it stinks and that someone stole the stool so how are they supposed to sit down? So many complaints.

So should we go to plan b? Breeding minks?

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Molly Mormon said...

I'll humbly suggest that we consider breeding silk worms. The relief society could be in charge.