Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ask The Bishop

Question: Bishop, my grandpa is always getting after me for wearing a hat inside the house and for not wearing a suit whenever I go to a play or some kind of cultural event. I say he's just old fashioned and living in the past and that times have changed and that's why, when you buy blue jeans now, they have the rips already in them. They didn't do that back in horse and buggy days. Take that, grandpa. Anyway, Bishop, what do you say about wearing a hat in the house?

Answer: I'd say you are quite a rude person, talking to your grandfather that way. Rude. If there's one thing I know about heaven, it's that there won't be any rude people there. And there certainly won't be any hat wearing. Does that answer your question?


mindij said...

There's definitely no ripped jeans in heaven either. Or Wonder Bras.

claire said...

But there might be brah-leh-lujahs (TM)

Elder Rexy said...

I have to agree, no hats. Too windy. But on the other hand, while you should respect old people, there are a lot of them that really try your patience, and I know a lot of them do it on purpose. Some old people just need to shut up! Like my mission president. Always going on about not wearing my suit jacket. Jeez!