Friday, October 02, 2009

Just for the little kiddies

We've been having more discussions about holding a kiddie sacrament meeting. This would be a meeting just for those ages 6 and under. We'd call a kiddie bishop and everything. No one would allowed in kiddie sacrament meeting that was over the age of 6, so frankly, it would turn into a free-for-all. That's our only hang up right now. How to establish order amongst the little ones, without actually having to be there. Imagine how much more spiritual our own meeting will be without the Tepworth twins constantly running up in the choir seats, calling out, "I will only go pee if someone holds my hand!"

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JustMe said...


When my children were young they were invited my their non-member cousins (the heathens) to attend church with them. In the interest of family relationships, and so my husband and I could have a child-free Sunday home in bed, I allowed them to go.

Bishop, my children had SO much fun and begged to go back. The pastor came down the aisle dressed as a cowboys and shooting his 6-guns. (NO they weren't real bullets, just caps). They didn't learn anything about Jesus, but they sure had a great time.

And, isn't that what Church is about - having a great time with your friends??

When can we start this? And do remember that I find small children strangely attractive *wink* *wink* (Kept me out of primary for years)