Saturday, October 29, 2011

This weeks's primary birthday

We have a birthday in primary this week! Can you guess which child it is?

He/she is going to be a comma for Halloween this year.
This person loves to eat cake with double the frosting
He/she has a pet ferret but his/her parents are worried it will die because this is his/her third one in less than a year.
This person's favorite place to visit is his/her grandparents in Palm Springs.
This person's least favorite place to visit is his/her other grandparents at the Golden Urn retirement center
He/she is already getting acne and she/he is only 11.
Limps to try and be funny (but it's not).
Loves to help his/her baby sister clean her room and cross the street and eat her candy if there's extra.
Favorite movie: Tangled.
Enjoys long walks on the beach. (At this age? Weird).
Refers to pants as slacks. (At this age? Weird).
Is weird.
Participates in every blood drive the ward has.
Loves to make pancakes and give her parents breakfast in bed.
When he/she grows up, wants to be a person "that works at a store".

If you guessed Ella Muggland, you are so wrong. But if you guessed Tyler Hamburgsly, you're right! Happy Birthday, Tyler!

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DeNae said...

Those Hamburgsly kids really need to get out more. I've felt that for a long time now.