Monday, May 19, 2008

I can't remember if you have a mote or a beam

There are a few people in the ward that love to point out the flaws of others. Since I’m bishop, I won’t say who you are, but I suggest looking at either the mote or the beam in your own eye rather than going on and on about the mote or beam in your neighbor’s eye. (I can never remember which is which about if you have a mote or a beam in your eye and if your neighbor only has a mote or does he have a beam?)

Speaking of something in your neighbor’s eye, Jared Fillgette works for a company that makes glass eyes out of plastic. This makes it much more comfortable for the user, Jared says, but don’t stand too close to the fire. Can you imagine this scene--
Glass eye user: My eye is melting, my eye is melting!
Unsuspecting passerby: Oh no. You’ll go blind.
Glass eye user: I’m already blind in that eye. I’m yelling because now I”ll have to buy a new eye and they are real expensive. I was saving up for new boat for duck fishing.


Stephen Erastus Knudsen III said...

I think you are missing the point. The reason we should strive to have neither motes nor beams in our eyes is because that gets in the way of us seeing the the motes and beams in others' eyes. But once we see clearly, as the truly righteous among us do, then it is our sacred duty to point out and remove the beams from our neighbors eyes, at any cost. It is the very definition of missionary work, and was actually the original one-fold mission of the church before some wiseguy came along and changed it just to meet the requirements of a traditional three-pattern (which is the stamp of divine authorship, by the way).

It is like the lesson Jesus taught about sinful people throwing rocks. The righteous are completely justified.

Bishop Higgins said...

Brother Knudsen, some might wonder why you aren't the bishop. That's justified. But then I'll remind them you are only 13 years old. You'll get your chance, little tomato.

Martha said...

As one who is in constant use of an afore mentioned plastic eye, I can testify that melting eyes is a real and constant danger. If anyone would like to donate to my "Replace My Melted Eye Fund" please let me know. Thank you for your time.