Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Week's Recipe

This week's recipe comes to us from Mark Belgord, who just returned from the Army.

Non-Alcoholic Vodka
Get a glass
Add ice

Thanks Mark for helping us be in the world, but not of it.


Anonymous said...

One of my high school teachers used to refer to a glass of ice water as a "Mormon Highball."

I'm afraid I've become addicted to them, over time.

Fortunately, I'm not in your ward, so my bishop will never know.

Stephen Erastus Knudsen III said...


I know you are not my bishop and I am still not sure if you are really a bishop at all, but the spirit compells me to confide in you on this matter -- I ask only that you keep this private (sacred, not secret), as I have a certain reputation to uphold.

I have never tasted alcohol, because I would rather go to heaven, but I saw some people drinking once when I allowed myself to be out in public after 8pm. I know that wickedness never was happiness, but it looked like they were actually enjoying themselves, and in a moment of weakness I allowed myself to envy them. What can I do to repent?

Bishop Higgins said...

That really all depends on whether you are repenting for your weakness or for your envy. In both cases, start by reading the "Miracle of Forgiveness", but then in the case of the envy, also read "Where The Red Fern Grows". It has nothing to do with envy, but boy oh boy is that a heart-warming story.