Monday, April 27, 2009

Making your house a home

Tips on making your house a home.

1 - Give it a name. Something like, Gardeners Delight, or Walnut Villa. Believe me, that's going to go a long way to making your house a home. That suggestion right there could be good enough, but I've got more.

2 - In addition to your standard rooms-kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, family room--make certain you also have the following rooms: Conservatory, mud room, guest room, maid's quarters, music room.

3 - Never refer to anyone in the home as "wing-nut".

4 - Hang up pictures of a spiritual nature. Or of nature. Waterfalls can really do the trick, here.

5 - Hang up pictures of your children engaged in special projects, like the pine-wood derby, or making those little knit hats for starving kids somewhere.

6 - Never use a Hibatchi inside the home.

7 - Use Pledge regularly on all wooden surfaces.

8 - Sing the hymns often. Not just at home, but also in the car, or in the presence of non-members, particularly if they are smoking, or using crude language.

9 - Show kindness to each other. Instigate a system where once a week, someone gets a ballon.

10 - Take down the sign on your front door the previous owners put up that reads "Satan Welcome Here".


Molly Mormon said...

Bishop, could you expand a bit more on #9? I'd really like to put these suggestions into practice, and I can't decide which of these you meant

* Ballon, a short-necked flask used in alchemy, to receive what is distilled or drawn off by fire.
* Ballon, in architecture, is a round globe placed a-top a pillar.
* inflatable rubber that is used for decorations in celebrations.

Bishop Higgins said...

Inflatable rubber. I'm sure you've got some of those lying around, don't you?