Sunday, June 08, 2008

Destroying angel actually quite a nice fellow

Sister Rose Gopsong had one of those near-death experiences and while "dead" met and interviewed the Destroying Angel. She said, as it turns out, the destroying angel is quite a nice fellow-- gentle, good sense of humor, and enjoys practical jokes. Isn't that neat! I sure wouldn't have guessed all those things. Thanks, Rose.


Grampa Ed, Age 109, Springville 8th Ward said...

You didn't think the destroying angel had a sense of humor?

This is an angel who convinced God that killing off all the first-born teenage sons was a punishment! Talk about your practical jokes! Can you imagine how quiet Egypt was without those hooligans driving around in their hot-rods blasting that rock-and-roll music?

Hang on, I have to wave my HinckleyCane(tm) at some kids who are on my lawn.

Stephen Erastus Knudsen III said...

This is nothing to joke about. You put such a dirty image in my mind. It is amazing that you can serve two masters like you do.

Natalie(llama)Lofthouse said...

Stephen; I believe the Lord has a good sense of humor... after all, he created ostriches; something who's eyeball is significantly larger than it's brain. Similar to the ratios of a beam and a mote.

Anonymous said...

Really? Rose Gopsong? Bishop, Sis Gopsong has more narcotics in her purse than an entire Walgreens Pharmacy. I know because she offered me some Vicodin last week during Famiy Relations class.