Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Week's Primary Birthday

This week, the child in our primary that has a birthday:

  • Loves pizza
  • Just got a new red bike for his/her birthday
  • Doesn't like squash
  • Wishes she/he had a snake
  • Bed wetter
  • Cries when she/he hears thunder
  • 76% attendance in primary last year
Who is it?

If you guessed Cole Borden, you are so wrong. If you guessed Missy Dalton you're right! If you guessed Jack Ericson, why are you still guessing? I just told you it was Missy Dalton.


Douglas Smith, Jr. the 3rd said...

Wow, she's attended primary more often than you attend church, Bishop!

I know you claim that you attend when you're down at Lake Powell, but I meant in our ward.

But, still, congratulations to Sister Dalton!

Toby Hecox said...

I'd rather have the good Bishop at Lake Powell thinking about the Lord, than have him at church preoccupied with Douglas Smith Jr.'s confessions.

Douglas Smith, Jr. the 3rd said...

Nonsense! I've never confessed any of my sins to the Bishop! Not even the big ones!

Shows what you know, brother Hecox. For your information, the Bishop once told me that I inspire him to go to Lake Powell!

hyrum said...

I cant take it anymore bishop. Those darned Daltons have been getting other kids sick almost weekly. We cant keep up with their attendance percentages with the viral flu's and chicken pox all 8 kids (including Missy "Kissy" Dalton- thats how she spreads it, by her kissing other kids on the cheek) bring to primary on a regular basis. Cant we keep them separate with the hispanic branch?

Stephen Erastus Knudsen III said...

Good idea about the Hispanic branch, but if your kids are getting sick you simply do not have enough faith (or enough priesthood).