Sunday, June 01, 2008

This Week's Third Least Popular Sin

Feeding lasagna to a horse, just to see if she will eat it.


mel said...

Just for the record....

A horse will not eat lasagna, but a tapir will.

Not that I've tried.

Okay, okay, I have tried. But just once. Okay, twice. But it was Tabitha's idea!

Dang your powers of discernment!

Tabitha said...

Oh sure, Mel, totally blame me. All I did was say that wouldn't it be so totally cool to feed to a Curleom, cuz we read about them in seminary that one day and I thought they sounded totally cute (and hungry, with nothing but neas and sheum to eat). You're the one who decided to steal Brother Searle's lasagna and feed it to that horse. I don't know what made you decide to serve it off your bare midriff. You can be such a skank sometimes. I am so sure!