Monday, June 16, 2008

New ward librarian not grumpy enough

We'll be offering Elly Conberg, our new librarian, curmudgeon training. She'll be learning how to scowl if you check out more than ten pencils and she'll be taught to be suspicious of giving supplies to anyone under the age of 37.


Tabitha said...


We missed you on the ward outing last weekend. You probably heard about the men who streaked through our camp completly naked with those paper bags over their faces. But don't worry -- I got a good look at each one of them, and none of them are from our ward.

See you on sunday!

Anonymous said...

I think Tabitha should be listed in the ward directory as "Ward Slut". If you like, I would be willing to serve as her assistant. It might motivate more of the YSA men to date.

Bishop Higgins said...

Ward Slut is so vulgar. Ward whore, you mean. After all, "whore" is in the bible. We'd just be quoting the bible whenever we called her that.

Sam Nehor Jones said...

Doesn't the word "whore" imply some kind of transaction taking place? When Tabitha does it, it seems to be more of a charity thing (that's what everyone said about me, anyway).

Tabitha said...

Geez, you guys are almost hurting my feelings. But I'm glad you admit the charity thing in your case, Sam. Have you moved out of your mother's basement yet? Call me when your chronic acne clears and you finally get rid of that headgear. I still have overbite marks.

And Janelle you little skank, you are one to talk! I have never told anyone what happened at girls camp, so watch it.

Thanks for defending me bishop. I don't want to be vulgar either.