Thursday, October 09, 2008

Davey Wicket, you just misunderstood - that's all

Davey Wicket called me yesterday. He was concerned about the reverence level in the nursery. As it turns out, he walked by the nursery room last Sunday just in time to overhear one of the youngsters yell out, "I can touch my eyeball". Thing is, however, that he didn't realize it was the nursery room but thought it was the Family Relations class. Once we realized the source of the misunderstanding, we both had a good laugh. Then I showed him how I can touch my eyeball. One thing you'll learn about me if you're new in the ward--I love to joke and tease.


Emily said...
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Anonymous said...

That younster was Jensen Malloy. He has a glass eye. He likes to sneeze and pretend his eye falls out. Lovely child.