Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ward Callings

We have been busy this past week with a bevy of new ward callings. Here is a list of some of the callings that took place this week.

Ward Boondoggler - Ashley Knudsen
Ward Knudsen - Todd Boondoggler
Ward PR specialist - Calvin Billden
Ward Halloween Party Pooper - Martha Oberman (again)
Ward Chorister - Bill Romero
Sunday school teacher for the CTR-B class - Rob Sadler
Ward Cartoonist - Cal McGovern
Ward Machinist - Mac McCallister
That guys that puts all the Hymn books back after Sacrament Meeting - Olaf Skulgen


Joe said...

Isn't it true that Brother Skulgen is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who has discovered various principles of wave-light theory and published numerous treatises on the subject? What a humble man to take on that calling. Thanks for giving him a chance to serve.

maybemaybenot said...

Can I be the Sunday School teacher for the CTL (Choose the Left) class? You know, seeing as the church doesn't endorse one candidate over another, Obama needs fair representation. Besides, I even have my new CTL ring to wear to class.

Choose Barack! Choose Barack!
Let wisdom mark the way before...

Bishop Higgins said...

Choose the Left? Why, that's just a fancy way of saying "I like to follow the devil and his evil ways and if he came over for dinner I would use my fanciest place settings". That's what you're really saying. And I don't like it. I don't like it a bit.

maybemaybenot said...

But it is catchy, you have to admit. And really, the devil is a chipper house guest, if nothing else. Why, just last night, he sang karaoke to "Come On Baby Light My Fire", "Burning for You" and the latter-day-esque "Eternal Flame". It was so charming! I promise to repent. Tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

How do I transfer my records to your ward, Bishop?
Football Mom

Brent Festge said...

I don't believe in the devil.
But I do believe in witches.

eped said...

congratulations Ashley