Monday, October 20, 2008

Without purse or scrip

Are you like me? Do you sometimes run down to the store without purse or scrip and then you get to the checkout line and that's when you figure out you've left the house without your purse or scrip. So you run home to get them and then you're walking across the parking lot and you hear some teenage boys yell out, "Ha ha. Look! That man's got a purse".

Does that ever happen to you?


maybemaybenot said...

No, this never happens to me. If anyone mistakes me for a man, the last thing I will be worried about is the purse I am carrying.

But some teenage girls did once laugh at my shoes and said my feet looked like potatoes in them. Probably more traumatic.

Just Me said...

Never. My purse or scrip remain along my side even in sleep.

Elder Rexy said...

I used to be like you Bishop, but last month, when I left the MTC and came to the Mission Home, my MP, President Dawkins told me that Elders are not allowed to carry purses and he took mine. So now all I have is scrip. It's a shame too, I really liked that purse. It had rhinestones.

Anonymous said...

Only in Utah.

LaDawn said...

No, that doesn't happen to me because I keep my wallet in the diaper bag, and I take that thing everywhere.

I've instructed my teenage boys to stop teasing you when you're carrying your purse.

Matthew Buckley / Marion Jensen said...

Yeah, but then I just pull out my script and beat the annoying teenager over the head with it.

It's a big script.

Anonymous said...

How big?