Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ask the Bishop

Question: Bishop, how do you get over your addictions?

Answer: Do you mean my love of boating and my insatiable appetite for spending time with my family? I embrace it, but I don't covet bigger boats. You can really get in the trap of looking at what others have and saying to yourself, I could really be happy with those bigger boats. But you just can't let yourself think that way. You just have to be happy with what you've got. Bigger boats are not always the answer. Sometime you'll be at the lake and say, man, those girls over there on that dock have got some really big boats. But sometimes it's important to remember that they probably had someone else pay for those boats and didn't buy them on their own.

And prayer. Prayer is the answer to so many things. But do you know what it's not the answer to? It's not the answer to this question--How much Cayenne should I put in my chili? The answer to that question is 2 teaspoons.


Kelly said...

Thanks for the answer to my question about cayenne pepper! I woke up wondering about that this morning. This means you must be an inspired Bishop!

So glad to see you are back!!!!!


Rick said...

It's been too long, Bishop, it's good to hear from you.

Since you were released, I was called as Executive Secretary, and I've been asked a few times to schedule appointments with people who really did NOT want to meet with my bishop. (When I asked one when a good time would be, he actually said "Never.")

Do you have any advice for me?