Friday, April 08, 2011

New Calling: Ward Listener

So many times in our lives we get to thinking about how we can make life better for our wife, so we'll buy her a new blouse, or we'll bring home a transient for dinner to show her we have a compassionate side. But so often, all they need is to have someone to talk to. And I mean someone besides their therapist or their yoga instructor or the girl that comes to the door to sell magazines for the high school band.

And that's why we've called brother Melvin Fardley as ward listener. He just got his hearing aid replaced and has assured me that his hearing problems are a thing of the past.

Give him a call. The volume knob on his hearing aid goes to eleven.


Carrie Dixon said...

I LOVE it!!!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO *snort*

On a related note, I wonder if insurance would cover his services.

Jen said...

. . . This one goes to eleven.

Anonymous said...

Bishop, does your ward currently have a Ward Foyer Quorum President?