Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oxen Auction

Brothers and sisters, get your shoulders out. It's time to put them to the wheel. That's right, it's almost time for our annual pioneer trek. And just as we've done in the past, this year you will once again be required to supply your own oxen.

It has been difficult in the past for many of you to secure the oxen, but I have recently discovered an outfit in Wyoming that has an oxen auction every month. The fellow I spoke with said that if he gets enough business, he'd be willing to have the oxen auction more often.

Pioneer hand-cart treks. Hooray!


Anonymous said...

I think I read about the oxen auction in The Rural Juror.

Good to have you back, Bishop!

Kacy said...

Only if I can find a really light yoke.

Kacy said...
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DeNae said...

I have long maintained that unless an ox team can be trained to pull a Winnebago, I will not be trekking anywhere, and that include the biggie back to MO. I'll watch the whole Adam-ondi-ahman powwow on YouTube.

Besides, someone needs to stay home and water everyone else's lawns.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to forget to feed mine again, just so I can try and raise it from the dead. I've got a good feeling about this year!

Karen Kerby

Sister Snarky said...

I'm never going again. Last year Bro. Davis kept asking me to grease his axles.