Monday, April 11, 2011

What would Jesus do?

We are taught to ask, what would Jesus do, on occasions when we are stumped about the right choice in any given situation. It's a very good question. Yet, it's also important to ask, how much would Jesus tip, and then this question: if leprosy was more rampant in our society, do you think that anyone on Celebrity Apprentice would have it?


Michael Carpenter said...

The following story is a guide for my life.

A man was standing in line at a convenience store when he saw a hat with WWJD printed on it. When he got to the checker, he asked, "What does WWJD mean?"

The checker replied, "It means What Would Jesus Do."

The man looked back at the hats and said, "I don't think Jesus would pay $14.95 for a hat."

Stephen Erastus Knudsen III said...

I have always appreciated Jesus setting the example for throwing stones and removing motes from our brother's eyes. If that is our ambition, we can do it, as long as we have no sin and no beams in our own. Something to strive for.

Bri said...

It's good to have you back, Bishop. The ward just wasn't the same without your incredible spirit and outstanding example!

Kacy said...

They say plagues and adversity happen to everyone--not just bad people. But if you listen closely in Sunday School you'll learn that really good people, like Steven Covey, are always rewarded with riches and no plagues.

Bishop Higgins said...

True, Kacy. But we should still remember that it is not OK to pray to Steven Covey, although we can still ask him to sponsor community events.