Thursday, July 03, 2008

That was one hungry ox

So many have asked about the wisdom of bringing a live ox in the foyer of the church to remind you all of our ward hand-cart trek. The ox ate the flowers and put a hole in the sofa with its hoof. Still, I stand by my decision.


Sam Nehor Jones said...

It's amazing how many of our less-faithful ward members are the "steady the Ark" kind of people!

I have a word to say to them... I've known the Bishop for a long time, and if a prophet could never lead the Church astray, Bishop Higgins would lead his ward astray even less! Or maybe not even that much! He is the greatest bishop ever!

Mahonri Macintosh said...

What's the problem with having a broken sofa? Are people afraid they'll actually have to sit in the chapel during Sacrament meeting now?

Tina Marlowe said...

That's nothing compared to what Sister Hancock did to the sofa in the mothers room.

It still smells like cheese.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Tina, that wasn't cheese.


Tabitha said...

Bishop -- can I still borrow it when you're done with it???