Friday, March 06, 2009

If Mitt Was In Our Ward

If Mitt Romney was in our ward, what calling do you think he should have?

I think he should be called as our ward president. Not the same as the bishop. The ward president would decide if we should go to war or not and he would write public policy and he would visit the troops if needed. He would also put his presidential seal on some documents and would ride in parades. And here's the part that may confuse some people. I would still forgive people, he would be the one that pardon's people.

I wonder why we don't already have someone in that position.

I also think Mitt would do a great job in primary.


Steve said...

With that hair of head on his head he would make a great ward mop.

The Numismatist said...

Ward Unemployment Specialist?

Anonymous said...

How about ward Athletic Director & we could all aspire to the Olympics.

Bishop Higgins said...

Wow. I like all those suggestions.