Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ward Callings

The new ward callings this week are as follows:

Ward Locksmith - Shanon Papenfuss
Ward Dietitian - Tristan Jones
Ward Falconer - Kristen Danielson
Ward Peeping Tom - Thomas Peeping, Sr.


Allie said...

I'm kind of jealous that my roommate, Tristan, got a calling before I did, Bishop. Besides, if you knew what she ate every day, or could see her cupboard at home, you would not have called her as dietitian. And I know about her secret Twinkie stash in her sock drawer.

Tristan said...

Bishop, I LOVE my calling. Besides, you get the calling that you need the most, right?

Janika said...

A client of mine was telling me about a new service they offer in her ward....you can pay someone to do your visiting teaching or home teaching for you...pay a little extra and they might even throw in a homebaked treat or a get well visit. I was just wondering if your ward offered this and if it doesnt why not? It sounds like such a great idea. Also, how can I get a ward boundry exception so I may attend your ward?

hyrum said...

As long as i am not rear admiral, that sounds good to me. rear admiral sounds kinda like something brither charlie tibble would be into...

admiral hyrum weibling