Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ward Update

Pretty uneventful week, this week. No funerals. No one tried to steal the tithing money. And Charlie Tibbles, our ward gay, went on a date with a woman. Also, remember how our ward snake got out of it's case and couldn't be found anywhere? We found him. He was up by the organ. Little rascal was trying to play How Firm A Foundation. It's that snake's favorite hymn.

Now, tomorrow at church, let's all try to be extra nice to Sister Renee Thurber who just moved in to the ward. She doesn't have a calling yet but I thought it would be hilarious to call her as Scoutmaster. I won't, but I just thought it would be real funny.


Lucy said... have my first laugh of the day. It's 7:03. I'm going to be really thinking about that snake when I'm playing the organ this morning. Too funny.

Danielson Family said...
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Danielson Family said...

Speaking of callings Bishop, I know I just got a new calling earlier this month. I'm not questioning your inspiration, but I was wondering if you've given any thought to having me be Gossip Essentials teacher instead for the class that meets in the hallway during sunday school. Much better than birds!

Kim said...

Will Bro. Tibbles need to be released? Because now that Nathan has a girlfriend, you can't call him to be the Ward Gay.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! It is so neat to be mentioned in the bulletin. I was tickled to be considered as a Scout Master candidate, but I think we need to chat, Bishop. I love working with the youth, and I'm hoping there is some way to circumvent this silly condition in my probation not allowing me to be alone with any male under the age of 18. Oh! Could you be inspired to call me as the missionary prep teacher?