Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ask the Bishop

Question: If Jesus came down to earth today and the first three people he saw were a Mormon with great teeth, a Jewish lady with a mustache, and a Lutheran with chicken pox, who would he hug first?

Answer: That is a great question. It reminds me of the time I had chicken pox in the third grade. I had to stay home from school and it was right when my class was going on a field trip to a dairy farm to find out how milk is pasteurized. Imagine my great disappointment. I heard later that everyone that wanted got to drink milk right straight from the cow's teat. What a treat. A teat treat.

And that's why we should always immunize our children. Thanks for the question.


Anonymous said...

this is so ridiculous.
but i thoroughly enjoyed it. i'm still laughing.

what a treat.

Miss O said...

*clicking "Like" button*