Monday, January 18, 2010

Put your prosthetic shoulder to the wheel

I sure appreciate the hard work of Morgan Bailliette in our ward. Always asking what he can do to help. Always doing more. Always going the extra mile. Always walking a mile in someone else's shoes. Never counting his chickens before they hatch.

And all this with a prosthetic shoulder.

Whether you have two good shoulders or one, whether you have one really good shoulder and one that gives out from time to time, or even if you were born without shoulders, we could all be a little bit more like brother Bailliette.


joyousblue04 said...

A new member of the ward gave a talk and told of her grandfather working in the stone quarry to kids the stones for the Salt Lake Temple. He lost his arm in an accident yet continued to work in the quarry for 20 plus years.....a true story of pioneer dedication. When she finished her talk, the rest hymn was Put Your Shoulder the Wheel, I know, I was the organist and had picked the song far earlier.

Bishop Higgins said...