Thursday, January 07, 2010

Get to know your ward members

Charles Choosey had it easy when he was growing up. His legs didn't work very well, so he got pushed around in a chair with wheels. Everywhere he went, someone pushed him. Later, they also gave him the best parking spots in the lot. But Charles Choosey wasn't satisfied. He wanted something more from life. He asked God for a miracle. That miracle never came. Instead, he began working at the Deseret Industries. He had a very specific job. He was to cull all the books and sort out all the copies that came in titled the Celestine Prophesy, keep two or three for the shelves, and then throw all the other thousands of editions into the wood chipper.

That's when the miracle came. The more items Brother Choosey threw into the wood chipper, the stronger his legs became. Within three weeks, Brother Choosey could walk for the first time in his life.

With such an able body, the people at the Deseret Industries no longer felt the need to employ him. He was asked to leave and to take his big, strong arms with him.

Brother Choosey was angry. He had a chip on his shoulder for many years. He also had a mole on the other shoulder for even longer than that. Turns out, it was a cancerous mole, and that's probably what will eventually do him in. In the mean time, it's good for all of you to know why Brother Choosey is so cranky all the time. But we love him and his cancerous mole. We love him and his weak-legged past. Love. That's what Jesus would do. So that's what we do.

And as a hilarious joke, for Christmas, I gave him a brand new copy of the book The Celestine Prophesy.


investigator said...

So I came across this website by chance--or WAS it?--and my heart just goes out to Bro. Choosey. But I had never heard of The Celestine Prophesy, so I googled it. I was directed to Wikipedia, and at the end of the article about this book, one of the references listed is "Introduction to the Book of Mormon" which links to the official LDS webpage explaining the Book of Mormon! Synchronicity?? I think so.

Perhaps the shredding of those books plays into the fate of said Bro. Choosey.....

mike said...

After reading your inspiring tale, I went and purchased a wood chipper and as many copies as I could of The Celestine Prophesy. I’m now destroying one copy a day as part of my exercise program. So far I haven’t noticed it helping me develop any greater leg strength but I’ll keep trying and hope that after the trial of my faith I will develop greater strength. Thanks for your inspiring words.

Susy said...

I was just notified that I was called as the new ward doubter back in August....I have a Q...was I set apart?!