Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ward Update

Well, things are moving along pretty good in the ward right now. Thanks for asking. Not so many funerals, the sisters are busy passing along casserole recipes with each other, and our Tithing Elite program is as popular as ever.

There is one thing that concerns me, however, and that is that I don't think we, as a ward, do enough medium volume laughter. We do lots of quiet laughter (chuckles are included here), and we know we aren't supposed to be engaged in loud laughter, but that leaves medium laughter wide open. This would be when something is funny, but not hilarious, and not something dumb but you feel obligated to laugh at anyway.

May we all watch more Brian Regan stand-up. That ought to do the trick.

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Donna Banta said...

OMG this is hilarious. I wish I was in your ward. Check out mine at I'm adding you to my blogroll