Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Casserole Reenactment Society Can Accept One More

The Casserole Reenactment Society has lost one of its members and is now taking applications to fill the vacant slot. As you know, the Society takes the idea of pioneer reenactments one step further than typical reenactment groups. The Casserole Reenactment Society bake casseroles just as the pioneers would. They wear the same clothing, use the same recipes, gather the same ingredients by the same methods, bake them in the exact same conditions, and deliver them to the descendants of those pioneers that would be receiving the casserole if they were still alive today with a working digestive system and a full set of teeth.

Many of the members in the society are women over the age of 75 but they encourage people of all ages, both male and female to consider becoming a member. All that is required is a love of the casserole arts and a strong sense of pioneer heritage. Please provide your own oven mitt.

Accepted members are given a lifetime position and the coveted vacant spots only become available when current members pass on to the celestial kingdom or one of the less attractive after-life stations.

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