Monday, August 27, 2007

You Can Pluck Hair From My Ear, Anytime

I sure don't want to embarrass the Swensons, but I overheard a conversation they had the other day, and I felt like it was a perfect example of the give and take that is needed, yea, even essential, in a marriage today.

Sister Betty Swenson: Acton, you look so handsome.
Brother Acton Swenson: Thanks, my dear.
Betty: Can I just pluck some of those ear hairs for you?
Acton: You can pluck hair from my ear, anytime, sweat heart.

There are many couples in our ward that don't do acts of kindness like this for each other, let alone, talk to each other with such respect. It's sad to see, but true. That's why I was so moved by the Swenson's conversation.

So, that why I'm asking all the wives in the ward to pluck hairs from their husband's ears tonight when they get home from work. Before you start dinner together, pluck his hairs. Show him that you care. And husbands, let your wife know you appreciate it by talking kindly to her and by offering to put the tweezers away for her.

This kind of interaction is the road to a happy marriage.


Anonymous said...

This post is a good reason to stay single.

Bishop Higgins said...

Wrong. So wrong. This post is a good reason to get married and accept that maybe not everyone has a perfect body and I'll bet you that even Rachel Welch or Loni Anderson needs something to be plucked from time to time. It's comments like yours that make me realize why there is so much bitterness and resentment in marriages today. It shows me that we could all use a little more ear hair acceptance.

hyrum said...
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Anonymous said...

Is that your ear in the picture Bishop? Because if I'm not mistaken there are two piercings in that ear. Maybe it's true what Sister Higgins says, you do have a wild side.

Becca said...

I notice this earlobe appears to have been pierced, and more than that not a Sure Sign of gayness?????

bill stoffskoff, high council member said...

we were having our high council meeting and talking about this same topic of service. i proceeded to show the ward webpage when it was brought to my attention that this pic is of a gentlemans ears, and that they have been pierced. how embarressing it is to be in front of the stake president when this occured. can we please not have gentiles pictured on this ward website. it distracts from the spirit. we need to have an interview, and soon. should we meet up at your chapel or mine?