Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess who's getting married

It looks like David Richardson and Lila Davidson are getting married. (Not in the temple, though. He's not a full tithe payer). We give them our blessings (and my wife is giving them a toaster).

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malkie said...

Hi Bish.

Your latest posting reminded me: didn't you promise/threaten to publish a 'tithing status' list for the ward, so that we can all see which members are worth our time to be sociable with?

I know that my name will appear well down on the list, but hey, I'm trying. And it might even help me to see which 'good' members of the ward are below me.

So when should we expect to see the list, huh Bish?


btw, my captcha 'word' was 'idvzthfq'. Does this mean something? Like, might it turn up as a sign/token in the ward correlation council meeting? Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have revealed it. Well, too late now!