Thursday, August 02, 2007

187 Laws of Happiness

My wife is working on a new book for women in the church called "The 187 Laws of Happiness You Must Follow Or You Will Need Paxil". It's both touching and lighthearted in it's instructions on navigating through life with all its ups and downs and crushing setbacks. It's going to be available in time for Christmas and yes, Sister Kluwer, there is a chapter on having a healthy self-image about your body. That chapter is called, "Why Sister Kluwer Needs A Better Self-Image About Her Body".


malkie said...

Not fair, Bish!!

How come Sis Kluwer gets her name immortalized in a chapter title?

At first I thought that it was 1 rule/chapter per member of the Ward, but you know that that doesn't work.

Should the wife of the Bish not be more tactful, loving etc, and (to get to the point) use *my* name in a chapter title?

[I know, be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. But I have a feeling that your wife has a soft spot for me and will do the right thing.]

Bishop Higgins said...

While your name won't be mentioned explicitly, this topic of which you speak will be addressed in chapter 96. It's called, "If you think you're so smart, write your own darn book".

You might want to skip right to chapter 96 before proceeding with the rest of the book.

As for my wife, don't mistake pity for a soft spot. We all would like to see you get your teeth fixed, but apparently my wife thinks about it a lot more frequently.

Anonymous said...

If I may be so bold I would like to recommend some chapter titles for your wife's book.
1.Why Arthur Kane was a "Killer" Mormon.
2. Why being a "sweet spirit" dosen't cut it in the bedroom.
3.How to love those who are obiviously more righteous than you.
4. Everyone in hell wears tank tops and flip flops.
Thanks bunch,
Sister Della DeHaan