Wednesday, August 01, 2007

While I'm Gone, We'll Have A Guest Bishop

Next week I will be unable to attend our ward. My family and I will be in Lubbock Texas. As you know, each summer we spend a week there, visit my mother and help her do some work at the fish hatchery.

While I am away this year, I've decided to arrange for a "guest bishop" rather than let my responsibilities fall to our mostly capable 1st counselor, Brother Ted Malloy and our second counselor, Brother Garvey Evensborough II.

The guest bishop I have secured is an old college buddy of mine. He's true to the faith and has a large number of conservative neck-ties and I feel like he will do a bang-up job. When you see him next week, treat him with respect, just as you would treat me.

I'll just tell you that Brother Evensborough II didn't seem to mind one bit, but brother Malloy was irate. Don't be surprised if he doesn't come to church next week out of spite. If you ask me, he's acting like a baby.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should release Brother Malloy and call him as second counselor, replacing him with brother Evansborough II. Then when you go out of town next time, no guest Bishop. That would teach him.

Bishop Higgins said...

That would teach him, yes, it would. But who are we to teach other people lessons they need to learn on their own. Brother Malloy was called of God for a reason. I think the reason was to learn the lesson he is learning now if only he will learn it by learning.

Brother Burton said...

I hear that Bro. Burton is getting really tired of teaching the 14 year old Sunday School class - maybe you should make him your new first counselor.

Sincerly yours,
Brother Burton

Bishop Higgins said...

Brother Burton,
What are we going to do with you? You didn't like being ward librarian. You asked to be released as canning specialist. You said because you have one leg shorter than the other you couldn't go on splits with the missionaries. When we asked you to give the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting you just played a recording of an opening prayer from last year's General Conference. Do you really think you're ready to be the first counselor?

Anonymous said...

Are you freaking serious? I just googled something and landed here. Can you really call a "guest" Bishop? And I don't *really* think a Bishop would call out Bro Burton on a public website and tell everyone what a loser he is. But now that I think about it are you twin brothers to Bishop Carpenter there in Provo?