Monday, July 07, 2008

Classic mix-up

Heavens, what a classic mix-up.

What happened, see, is that we had intended for brother Guy Fillaber to come and speak with the Elder’s Quorum about his harrowing journey through drug addiction and on the same Sunday, we had planned on having Milo Tucket come speak to the youngsters about how to raise rabbits. It’s seems funny now, but we had a classic mix-up so that Guy Fillaber told the youngsters about drug addiction (and a graphic play by play explanation of his intravenous injection, also known as “shooting up”) and Milo Tucket spoke to the Elder’s Quorum about how to raise rabbits (they are born blind and hairless and can easily contract Coccidiosis which can spread quickly).

Oh, my. Funny. This is one Sunday you won’t want to ask your kids what they learned in primary!

PS - Dogs can also get Coccidia. And black tar, smack, junk, skag, horse, brain, chaw, chiva, china white and dust are all “street names” or “slang” for heroin.

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