Friday, July 25, 2008

Get to know your ward members

This week's profile: Dill Billett (It's not French. It's pronounced how it looks).

Dill Billett met his wife under unusual circumstances. He accidentally ran over her with a car while pulling out of Hogi Yogi one night. He rushed her to the hospital during which, she had a vision that she should marry Dill. Later, after they had been married for a couple years, he ran over her with the car again. This time on purpose. Not very nice, if you ask me, even if it was just her leg. He was taken to jail, then anger management classes, then to Los Hermanos where he apologized to his wife.

Dill has been in our ward for six years now and has served in the Scouting program. Not the one with the boy scouts, but the one where we used to keep a lookout on the roof of the church. We were all paranoid that hooligans were going to egg the church during sacrament meeting and felt like we needed a scout; a lookout. No one ever did egg the church, and I feel like it was, in part, because Dill was such a good Scout. He has also served in the primary as well as the secondary. Thanks, Dill, for being a part of our ward.

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