Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day

This week, let us always remember the pioneer stories. For example, the faith promoting story of how one pioneer had a vision of the future and saw what we now know of as the "car". Once he saw these motorized hand-carts in a vision, he realized he could just stay in Missouri, (which he did) and then two generations later, his ancestors were able to get in a car and drive to Salt Lake. On their way, they stopped in Wyoming for ice cream.

Happy Pioneer Day, brothers and sisters.


Sam Nehor Jones said...

I would just like to point out that I am so holy and whatnot because ALL of my ancestors were pioneers who died while crossing the plains. Every single one. They gave everything, even their unborn posterity, to the cause.

Think about that, Tabitha, next time you're "too busy."

eped said...

little america. (teeny)

Anonymous said...

Is this blog for real! If this is truly a ward blog then I would reevaluate your thought to share it with others outside of our faith. How about some real pioneer stories and maybe something that might help someone feel the spirit, if you're going to use it as a missionary tool. I accidentaly came accross this while searching for a pioneer story for FHE and I have to say that I think the jokes go a little too far. Even the bio on the Bishop doesn't seem real. I just think our church could be represented a little better than this.

Bishop Higgins said...

Dear Sister or Brother that asked if this blog was for real,

One thing you should understand about our ward is that we like to joke and have fun and let our hair down (as they say). In many ways, our ward is just like your ward. That is, we have people that drive nice cars, yet, there are also some that drive Corrolas. We have some people that can walk up lots of stairs on their own, and yet we have some people that start breathing heavy just getting up their porch. Some people have two arms--some have just one. We have a ward dog and a ward gay. We are just like your ward. But one difference is that we learned long ago (1978) that we don't like to be stuffy and preachy. Sure we teach and preach, but not in a preachy way. In a cool, relaxed way. Also, we don't judge others, unless they break the commandments. That's the way it goes in this ward. Thanks for your comment.

JustMe said...

I actually thanked my ancestors during a talk in Wyoming. I said I was thankful my people had stayed in Georgia until I could arrive at west in a/c comfort.